A felt board with words that say "welcome to cozy picnics" in a park
Picnic spread in a park with wooden crate. Two plates on top of the crate, a blanket spread with cushions everywhere.


       On a beautiful sunny day, while sitting on top of a hill somewhere in the GTA, two young female entrepreneurs; Valerie and Nicole, came upon an idea. Why does the restaurant or typical venue have to be the only romantic place couples can enjoy a lovely setting with restaurant quality food? It does not. The two women decided to put their skills together and create a unique way to spend time with your loved ones.


    Valerie, a single mother with an artistic edge and a love for creating and designing parties for her family and friends. Nicole comes from a hospitality and culinary background with a passion for making people happy through local food and nature. Together, the perfect duo.


     Thus, Cozy Picnics was born. Cozy Picnics is a start-up event company that will be known as an alternative way to get together.


Picnic for two in a park.

Cozy aims to bring people together in an intimate outdoor setting while showing that luxury can be affordable. Instead of a typical romantic date night, we will be an alternative to restaurants and major venues while introducing a network of local food and businesses for our clients to enjoy and discover. Even though, many of these types of experiences already exist, the idea is to make them even cozier for any personal/ group celebration.

Afternoon tea picnic spread